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Oh! I almost forgot! You know what happened while we were fossilising for 3 hours in Alsace? Police harassment!

They spotted us thumbing the outramp from the gas station the other way. They’d probably been there sitting on their horn for a while before we noticed them. They proceeded to yelling commands at us from the other side of the highway. Lots of laughs, but we couldn’t look like it too much. When it became clear to them we weren’t going to have a conversation that way, they hopped into their car and nervously started off.

Well , I guess that’s the sound of the police.

But no! They weren’t done with us. They showed up on the right side this time, after having driven down the autoroute to the nearest exit and up again over the speed limit with all sirens on for sure. Boy, were they pissed. And Weirdo couldn’t help contradicting them every time they blurted out something really dumb, which turned them furious. At least he wasn’t visibly enjoying it. Thing is, having hitchhiked for like ten times my lifetime, Weirdo know the hitchhiking law much better than the average cop.

They did all the paper-controlling in their legal arsenal before they had to let us go, steaming with rage. We weren’t doing anything wrong, see. They only had gone out of their way to harass us because they found it odd that I was hitchhiking.  “This got to be illegal”-type thinking. Well, it’s not. Good thing they weren’t there when we hopped out the trunk of yesterday’s car though…

I suppose they could have leveraged one of them new antiterrorism laws to arrest us without charge. But I doubt they have cells that can accommodate criminals with babies.

Too bad, that would have been a nice adventure.

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