In the woods with the woods-people

Last week end, we rode the car for hours, me strapped in that hellish child-abusing contraption they call “car-seat”, to go to see friends that live in the woods. Not like: “their house is in the woods”. More like: “the woods is their house”.

We spent most of our time outside because their wasn’t much in the way of “inside”. At night it’s cold, so they built little cabins for sleeping in. There’s also a kitchen-cabin where they all cook and eat together.

I liked it a lot because :

And do you see what we’re sitting on? That’s right, a freaking trampoline! Now you know those woods-people are builders.

Living in the woods is awesome. You don’t get scolded for playing in the dust, because that’s all there is. The kids are really cool, the adults… well, who cares about adults. The food is good. Some of it is grown just down the hill by more woods-people.

Each little cabin is different and fun. There’s a tippee, a circular house and, wait for it, a tree house! It’s, like, 20 meters up and you can see above the canopy from there. All Weirdo could say: “Must be hard to climb up here drunk”. What a douche…

They built so many awesome things. There’s even a zip-line to get from the top of their little village to the kitchen area.

The kitchen itself is an awesome little building. The walls are made of earth, the roof is transparent. There’s a bed in the window. That might be hard to grasp: one of the windows is actually a little aquarium-type thing that you can climb into an lie down “outside” while not freezing your ass (did I mention how cold California is?). Kick-ass!

We stayed two days and one night and had a great time.

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