Let’s not hitchhike for a while

It’s been an awful long while since last time. There hasn’t been much travelling since Cognac so I had nothing post-worthy. I’m back on the road now but, before delighting you with more baby adventures, let’s get you up to date on my sedentary adventures.

You kids must be wondering hard what we were going To Cognac for. Well there was this sort of off-record G8 summit where all the 1%ers were meeting up to drink champagne in fancy clothing and decide the fate of the world. You didn’t read about it in the paper, and you never will. I have my sources. Namely Auntie Pauline that is some sort of secret agent.

The plan was to infiltrate the heck out of the event using my unworldly baby-charisma; learn all we could about their evil plans and post it all over Wikileaks.
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