Last leg

Hamburg-Leipzig is a four hour drive. Not the most challenging distance. But the way crisscrosses between highway: first the Hamburg-Frankfurt axis, then around Hannover, you get on the Benelux-Berlin one and branch off to an obscure side-autobahn for the last bit. We were expecting to switch cars often and it felt like a good final test of how anal the Germans are with babies in their car.
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Amsterdam is not such a big city. Getting to the launchpad was only a short bus ride. The spot was good. With good traffic and lots of space for cars to stop. The sun was shining, the birds were probably singing far away from the highway… The only way for us to not get a ride would be that the Amsterdamers have no heart.
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First night out

An unexpected ride arrived when we were planning on setting up camp in Bavaria. A woman and two little girls going to Spain. They didn’t have seats for us but they had a big trunk. Riding in the trunk is lots of fun. It beats the harness hands down.

It was already 20:00 when we started so the plan was to sleep after the French border. I didn’t wait that long. After playing with the girls for two hours, I passed out on a blanket. I can tell you I was pissed when Weirdo woke me up by whistling the Marseillaise. “Aux armes Petit Bibi ! On est en France !” Moron.
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