Baby bike trip recap

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I was unable to write about the bike trip on the fly because Weirdo needed every single joule of battery he could wring out of the phone for GPS. Why didn’t he bring a map and compass? I don’t know! Because he’s a little challenged, mentally speaking?

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Way too cold. Wait… Way too hot!

What’s Chile to me?

Chile is far from Australia. 10 hours of traumatizing jet lag. Not an hour after the aircraft landing, Weirdo was already emptying glasses of alcohol with his college-years-friend Niluge. I had to watch them going at it until 7 in the morning, because of the damn jet lag. Of course, he was too hungover to play with me the next day.

Chile is cold. My whole life I’ve never been to such a cold place. I have to wear all my clothe and I still freeze when the wind blows.

But the worst of it is still that, in Chile, I almost boiled alive. Thanks, of course, to the lunacy of Weirdo and Cranky.

And they did it for fun too.

But let’s start from the beginning.

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