The plastic-treasure concrete-island

Singapore is a city-state. People that live here, they can’t go to the mountain without going abroad. They can’t even go take a walk in the countryside without going abroad. But they can go to the beach. See, there’s an island just south of the city, so close that you can go there on foot over a bridge. And it’s the perfect beach-getaway for all the business types that live-work in Singapore.

Only problem is: the island doesn’t have a beach. Even though it’s so conveniently located! The perfect beach-island has no beaches. So they build some. The whole southern coast, the one not facing the city, is spotted with artificial beaches. With artificial mini-islands that you can get to over a real-wood pier.

While they were at it, they turned the whole inside of the island into golf courses. Apart from the eastern bit that they made into a neighborhood for indecently rich people, and the western bit where they built an amusement park called Universal Studio.

Now you might understand why we all had to go to this fake-ass happy-happy place. Cranky just loves amusement parks.

She has a scheme to get in without paying, but it works better in the afternoon. We went to the artificial beach first.


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