Amsterdam is not such a big city. Getting to the launchpad was only a short bus ride. The spot was good. With good traffic and lots of space for cars to stop. The sun was shining, the birds were probably singing far away from the highway… The only way for us to not get a ride would be that the Amsterdamers have no heart.

Within 15 minutes, we were in a car with a nice lady that gave me a stuffed animal. So that takes care of that.

Meet Kissa, the stuffed dog

For the rest of the morning, we kept hopping from gas station to gas station, always getting rides easily, but never going really far. It was great in one respect: we got to try a lot of Dutch persons and, without necessarily reaching statistical significance, we can be pretty sure that the baby-hitching here works pretty damn good. Which left us only with one people to test: the Germans.

On our first crossing of Germany, we had gotten only one ride with a German, and he had tried to escape when he saw me. So there was still some testing to be done.

Two freaked out Canadian tourists dropped us on a little gas station in the middle of Deutschland. There, we got stranded for a long long time. “I would love to take you but I don’t have a baby seat” — “I have read all the fine print of my insurance contract and it says in there: hitchhikers are OK as long as they are not babies” — “I am so scared of the police, I’m literally shitting my pants right now in front of you at the mere though of being controlled”.

Like trying to stick a round peg in square holes. Really square holes.

Eventually, we put on a little show for a retired couple in their big BMW. Not only were they really nice, but they were going to Hamburg, and they gave me my speed record. 220 km/h.

We’re taking a long weekend off here. But I get the impression that going home will not be easy.

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Petit Bibi

Petit Bibi

I started this trip when I was 5 month old. By the time it ends, I'll have spent more than half my life on the road.

2 thoughts on “Squareholes”

  1. Hey Bibi,
    I recorded video of some of your first steps on two legs on a sandy beach at Woodgate on the east coast of Australia, last year. Ya know that was a historic moment in the development of true baby power. You know those funny people who say, “Hey !!! you can’t do that !!”. Don’t you think they are boring, or maybe they just never considered that there were other possibilities.
    Anyway, pretty cool kiddo, you are like Captain Kirk on the “Enterprise”, and going where no one has gone before. Well, maybe not bibis anyway. Go Bibi go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey Bibi am I supposed to tick those boxes below everytime I talk to you, or will I just get twice as many emails? Check it out with Weirdo for me please, mate. See Ya,
    Bon Voyage,
    PS. Hey stir those two up to get you out here for second guitar lesson, or third or fourth or whatever. Cranky will love it is, it is, FREE.

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