Muslim wedding VS Christian wedding

Alright, that ain’t really fair, but it makes for the perfect provocative title. The Christian wedding was in India and the Muslim one in Singapore. With the differences in budget and mentality that you might expect.

But, first, the similarities: It’s all about food! I haven’t been to a wedding in Europe yet, but the two kids keep saying that they have much less guests, but that they don’t just come to eat the food and go. Except for the spouses, who sit on a podium and pose for pictures.

In the Indian-Christian wedding it was very much so. There were 3 times less people at the church than at the reception, and people were shamelessly in for the food. They battled the servers to get a spot on a table before the others. At the Singapore-Muslim wedding, they staged a bit more parade. They had the groom come into the place followed by a band of drummers and sang a song that had only one lyric “Allah”, but a lot of variation nonetheless. They had a microphone and gave it to a dude that liked to speak a lot… But that all might be budget differences. Same as the amount of jewelry they stacked upon the bride.

A major difference was that the Chrisdian wedding was arranged by the respective families whereas the Musgapore wedding was what, in arranged-mariage-land, they call a “love-marriage” and what Weirdo and Cranky just call “a marriage, duh !” So the bride and the groom seemed a lot more involved and happy. If you want to read more on the subject of Love VS Family in French, check out Weirdo’s piece on it.

As for my opinion? I like the Chrisdian wedding better. Because the bride is cool. And she’s pretty.

She's the one on the right,with the whitish saree.
She’s the one on the right, with the whitish saree.
Weirdo's mere presence in the frame is enough to waste a shot
Weirdo’s mere presence in the frame is enough to waste a shot

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