Walk on the beach in Chenai

One good night sleep was just what I needed to relax a bit. My first day was really frantic, and I’m glad Weirdo and Cranky are keeping it a couple of notches quieter after the tantrum I threw them in the evening. So, what happened so far?

On that first day, we arrived very early and showed up to our host’s place. But the door bell wasn’t loud enough to wake them up and we had to hide the stuff on the roof of the building and went off to the beach. It was a nice 1 hour walk, I shamelessly dosed off while Weirdo was carrying me. I woke up on the sea front.

Big waves crashing on a dusty beach. I’m glad the two suckers didn’t feel like swimming, because I certainly didn’t. The most interesting thing we found on the beach was a dead turtle. It looks like it would smell horrible, but it was fine actually. If you’re into dead turtles, here’s a picture. If not, sorry.

Dead turtleAfter a kilometer or so on the beach, we headed back home. The neighborhood directly on the beach seemed to be home to the fishermen that park their boats on the beach.  A tall girl that must have been at least six years old ran after Weirdo and screamed at him so she could get to shake my hand and, of all things really, pinch my cheeks. I suppose I should get offended, but I couldn’t help bursting out laughing. She was so smily and nice.

The whole neighborhood was really colorful. The water truck had just passed to refill the tanks, and clusters of women with bright plastic jugs were hanging around them. I kept kicking Weirdo to reming him to take pictures, but I think he was too shy. I managed to snap only one, trying to look like he was taking a picture of the drawing on the floor.

Drawing on the floor

When we got home, our host was up and I could finally take a bath and a nap. I had slept very bad on the plane.

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