Music and dance in Chenai

Chenai is not only noise. There’s music too. Check this out:

It’s those two dudes singing:

Two dudes singing

There’s a cultural festival going on this week. It’s all sing and dance, all around, day and night. We went to that, and there was a dancer after that looked like that.

Our host’s roommate is a dancer herself. She tried to teach me, and I think I’m doing pretty well.

Yeah. Meet Fanny. She’s moved to Chenai for dancing. She speaks Tamil, and English, but with Tamil accent. I find that really cute. She was really nice too. She helped us defeat the bureaucracywall standing between us and a sim card for mobile internet. And she took us to some nice concerts. Check this one out :

Bonus track: Me sitting on Weirdo, next to Fanny.

Fanny, Weirdo and me

So, yeah, that’s for the music and dance. Stay tuned for

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