In the Silicon Valley with the Macbook hippies

We’ve been in the Silicon Valley for more than a week now. In case you don’t know (I didn’t until last week), the Silicon Valley is a pretty cool place. In a week, we went to a thick forests of super-high trees, a community of woods-people, a big abandoned industrial zone full of cool trash, and a useless beach. Why useless? Because the Silicon Valley has a pretty harsh cold weather, complete with wind and fog. You’d be crazy to want to go to the beach.

We live in this huge intentional community. A cluster of houses with 25 people living there. I’m not sure of the intention behind the community, but from what I have seen, it seems to be a MacBook owner club. Weirdo and cranky must look very silly with their cheap Linux laptop. That’s OK though, they’re used to it.

They cook a huge meal for everyone every night. The food here is much less tasty than in Mexico. But it’s good nonetheless. The MacBook hippies are quite nice. If the weather wasn’t so cold, it would be really good here.

The real bummer is not the cold. It’s the cars. We go everywhere in a car. The police must be particularly nasty here because, no matter how much I scream, Weirdo and Cranky never let me out of this damned strap-chair. I really hate the strap-chair. And don’t even talk about hitchhiking. We spent hours by the road side. Like they have a problem with babies. Or Mexicans. Or French. Or all of them.

That’s it for the general background on Silicon Valley life. I’ll get more specific in my next post, which is likely to be about the weekend we spent with the woods-people.

Here. Here’s a teaser: San Francisco from behind the fence of an abandoned navy base:

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