Kangaroo run

When we told Bob, our host in Bundaberg, that we had never seen a kangaroo, he was all like “what!”. I could have told him it might be because Weirdo and Cranky are so stingy they won’t even pay for the zoo, but no one listens to what I say so I didn’t bother. I did well, because he pushed us all inside his car and off we went, hunting kangaroos in the bush.

We actually went to a neighborhood on the side of the bush. The kangaroos come to people’s backyard to eat the grass and they’re easier to spot in the open than in the bush itself. You might not know it, but the “bush”, how they say here, is a pretty thick forest that is probably full of snakes anyway so no way Weirdo is gonna go.

We did find some. Weirdo used his new zoom camera to get a couple good shots.

But the real fun started when I urged them to get real close. Weirdo thought it was a great idea and, thinking himself Crocodile Dundee or something, took off after a bunch straight into the bush, prolly forgetting all about the snakes. I got him to film it all, and it’s a pretty funny video, if you can bear the cheesy comments that he makes on himself. I’m almost surprised he wasn’t humming some background music…

Meanwhile, surely using some ancestral Mayan hunting technique, Cranky got within arm’s reach of a mother-and-kid.

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Petit Bibi

Petit Bibi

I started this trip when I was 5 month old. By the time it ends, I'll have spent more than half my life on the road.

4 thoughts on “Kangaroo run”

  1. You ate kangourous already… 🙂 and Elsy mastered approaching them maybe because she is as tall as they are…Hihihi xD

    1. I didn’t! Only You and Ben and Weirdo and Cranky. BTW, it’s not very nice to say that on the internet when they are trying to convince everyone that they are vegetarians…

  2. Petit Bibi, why they not show you up on your own two feet. I think Weirdo and Cranky are holding back my video because they may feel threatened by your superior intelect (and Weight) if they allow you to “grow up” too quickly.

    1. Hey people! This is the very Bob that’s in the story! And he’s just told you what’s in the next episode! Oh noes!

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