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It’s been one long winter…

Where I come from, winters are not allowed. Now that I’ve been through one, I perfectly understand the rationale. But the normal weather is back. You know what that means, right? Travelling time!

Petit Bibi eating ice cream
And ice cream, that’s right…

Last time I went on a trip, it lasted for most of my life and took me all the way around the planet. This time I’m doing it much bigger: I’m going to hitchhike from one end of the Rechtstaat (that would be the east of Germany) to the other end of it (west France). I’ll also try to hit super-uptight regions like the Netherlands on the way back if I survived it. I know I’m pushing it, but I can’t help being myself, can I?

After all, when you’re a cute baby like me, hitchhiking through India, Brazil or Guatemala is way too easy. But in Western Europe, it is likely to be very much harder.

Picture of Weirdo looking weirdI’m bringing Weirdo along to do the micromanagement (can’t be bothered). Plus, I’ll need someone to take all the baby pictures and videos that will be added to this website every day. As long as battery lasts, we’ll keep the stream flowing.

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I hope you kids are looking forward to the normaldays and are planning some good travelling for yourself as well. Until then, I’m gone.

Petit Bibi on an old moped
How do you start them things…

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Petit Bibi

Petit Bibi

I started this trip when I was 5 month old. By the time it ends, I'll have spent more than half my life on the road.

4 thoughts on “It’s been one long winter…”

  1. Dear TBB,
    I am so I happy I will be seeing more of you online!
    Keep a good watch over your Dad and enjoy the trip 🙂

    1. I am afraid Weirdo’s turbulence outclasses my overwatching abilities. But I’ll try.

  2. Hey Petit Bibi,
    Good on Ya pushing those Oldies back into a more sensible lifestyle living on the road. I mean how else is one going to receive a true “University of Earth” education”!
    Bon Voyage,

    1. My dear fellow Bob, this is the most sense-making I’ve heard in a too long while. I am mighty glad we agree on this one.

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