From Urugay to somewhere else

Platschi and Masha live in Uruguay. That’s old friends of Weirdo. So we went to their place. I think all of us needed a basecamp for a few days after the traumatizing hitchhiking in Argentina.

They live in a sort of ghost town. They kept saying that it was pretty crowded in summer, it being a resort town, but what I could see was that most shops were closed 24/7 and most homes were empty. If any of the people I’ve seen sleeping on the street are reading this, come to Punta del Este, it’s the place to be.


We sort of hibernated there. Weirdo and Cranky had taken shots against yellow fever so Cranky was sick for a day and Weirdo was sick for a week. Aren’t those supposed to make sure you don’t get sick? Nevermind that, I don’t want to hear no anti-vaccination propaganda on here. Seriously, I’ll have Weirdo track down your DNS IP thingee and make all you Internet Explorer tabs crash all at once. Fair warning.

So, instead of kicking ass on a daily basis, like we normally do, we cooked breakfast, had it, cooked lunch, had it, cooked diner… Weirdo baked maybe 10 loafs of bread there. He now travels with his yeast and has baked bread in every home that’s been hosting us since. We had little day trips hitchhiking to a nearby beach, but never too far. In part because we were in recovery mood, in part because hitchhiking in Uruguay sucks. Damn, are we ever gonna get out of that zone? I hope it doesn’t extend into Brazil because that’s where we’re headed next.

It was really cool there. I played a lot with Masha. But all good things must come to an end and make way to better ones! We hit the road again. To somewhere else!

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I started this trip when I was 5 month old. By the time it ends, I'll have spent more than half my life on the road.

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