Meet Adi

In Kochi, we’re being hosted by some internet-friends of Weirdo that he never met before. There’s four of them. Two adults, quite decent, as far as adults can go ; there’s also one kid that is really nice to me when she’s not busy reading some Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter, but the most remarquable member of their squad is another kid that is actually younger than me. Continue reading Meet Adi

Church party

Weirdo and Cranky did something right! As usual, they tried to save 20 rupees of bus by hitchhiking out of Kochi to destination-unknown. The third dude that picked them up invited us to his home, as it happens quite often. Normally I get to hug all the wives and grandmas and daughters in the block while the two imbeciles finish their cup of tea. This time it was latish, the sun was getting close to the horizon. The dude and his wife went and invited us in their home for the night.

Now, the cooler part is that, just down the street from said home was a big euro-style church that’s quite famous around these parts. And it was festival time for the church-people. Oh yeah ! Continue reading Church party

Muslim wedding VS Christian wedding

Alright, that ain’t really fair, but it makes for the perfect provocative title. The Christian wedding was in India and the Muslim one in Singapore. With the differences in budget and mentality that you might expect.

But, first, the similarities: It’s all about food! I haven’t been to a wedding in Europe yet, but the two kids keep saying that they have much less guests, but that they don’t just come to eat the food and go. Except for the spouses, who sit on a podium and pose for pictures. Continue reading Muslim wedding VS Christian wedding

Baby on boat

Weirdo and Cranky have this friend called Anna. She lives in a floating house that moves with the wind. I have gathered from listening in to their conversations that it is called a sailboat and this one in particular is called Inara, and was built from scratch by Anna’s boyfriend : Ben. They invited us for a three-day weekend to an island.


Continue reading Baby on boat

Kangaroo run

When we told Bob, our host in Bundaberg, that we had never seen a kangaroo, he was all like “what!”. I could have told him it might be because Weirdo and Cranky are so stingy they won’t even pay for the zoo, but no one listens to what I say so I didn’t bother. I did well, because he pushed us all inside his car and off we went, hunting kangaroos in the bush.

We actually went to a neighborhood on the side of the bush. The kangaroos come to people’s backyard to eat the grass and they’re easier to spot in the open than in the bush itself. You might not know it, but the “bush”, how they say here, is a pretty thick forest that is probably full of snakes anyway so no way Weirdo is gonna go.
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Black and deadly

When we were done hunting kangaroos and baby turtles (another story, ask me about it and I might write a post), we went off to a black-people-place.


You would never guess it walking down the street, but Australia is a black-people-land. The reason why you only see white folks in the street is that 1- almost all the black folks died of disease (and the occasional murder) when the white folks showed up 200 years and a bit ago ; and 2- the remaining blackies are all rounded up in black-people-only-places. A sort of hybrid between unitedstater ghetto and old-time-german ghetto.

This one started off bad, as usual. Weirdo and Cranky had managed to get themselves stranded in a town they didn’t want to go to, and the sun was already set. They started hitchhiking at night in a random direction, with the idea that getting a ride to anywhere was better than staying in this godforsaken place. It was that time of the day when people mindswitch from daylight to night lights and everything takes a menacing attitude. People probably thought that of us, and sped away. The one that stopped was driving a corrugated old car and unsurprisingly looked like a serial killer. We all got in. Continue reading Black and deadly

Stu, the perpetual tripper

Hi folks, I hope you’re enjoying your life and making the most of it. Me? Yeah, I’ve pretty much been doing that my whole life. There only one thing better than being a baby, it’s being a traveling baby. And my mom’s gotta be the best at finding impossibly cool stuff. Just give her an uplink and tell her: “find us some epic shit to do” and there’s not telling how far she’s going to reset the scale of awesomeness. For example:

We were in Townsville for only a day, having freshly disembarked the ferry from the island of aborigines. While Weirdo was nursing a hangover that he caught from meeting up with Hugo, an old friend of his from the road, Cranky went and found us some pure awesomeness. There’s a dude called Stu out there, that lives on his sailboat, and likes going to beaches on deserted islands and swimming above coral and fishing his dinner ; but he thinks it’s more fun with company. So he posts a call for crew on the interwebs, and since Cranky was on the lookout, she found it. Now, the dude was anchored in Airlie Beach, 300 km south AND he wanted to meet us before agreeing on setting sail with us on board, but that’s when you have to take risks. Within a couple of hours, the backpack was packed, thumbs were raised and cars were already fighting to take us to our destination. Continue reading Stu, the perpetual tripper

Way too cold. Wait… Way too hot!

What’s Chile to me?

Chile is far from Australia. 10 hours of traumatizing jet lag. Not an hour after the aircraft landing, Weirdo was already emptying glasses of alcohol with his college-years-friend Niluge. I had to watch them going at it until 7 in the morning, because of the damn jet lag. Of course, he was too hungover to play with me the next day.

Chile is cold. My whole life I’ve never been to such a cold place. I have to wear all my clothe and I still freeze when the wind blows.

But the worst of it is still that, in Chile, I almost boiled alive. Thanks, of course, to the lunacy of Weirdo and Cranky.

And they did it for fun too.

But let’s start from the beginning.

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Back to reality

Chile was a bit hard on us, but it got nothing on Argentina.

We got used to having it easy. Reunion, India, Australia and Chile must be the most hitchhikable countries on Earth. Incidentally, that’s all the countries I’ve been hitchhiking in. We’re back in the real world. Argentina sucks.

We left Santiago after the party was over and Weirdo’s hangover too. Crossing the border involved a crossing at 3000 meters altitude. The road that goes there doesn’t have much traffic. Thank Krishna, we found a ride in Chile that ended up dropping us in Mendoza, our city of destination. So we didn’t die freezing. Cheers to that.

We arrived late in the night and went straight to the address of some Niluge’s friends. A sort of huge flatmate thing, with ten people living in it. “Hi, we’re the ones that are going to stay over!” They all looked with those round eyes that clearly mean: “Oh, we didn’t get that part”. But they still put us in a room somewhere and it was all right.

We were a bit embarrassed by the situation. Weirdo got up super-early to make a mountain of pancakes for everyone. Then we left for the day. No one touched the pancakes. Or very few. Strange people indeed. Continue reading Back to reality