France, seriously.

We crossed Germany like lightning so it really felt strange to have to wait 3h for a ride just after the border to France. A ride with Germans. Come on France! You can’t suck that much!

We spent the night there under the rain. Was epic. I’ll send you a picture as soon as we find Wi-Fi. Which might take a while. They didn’t have it at the gas station. France…

First night out

An unexpected ride arrived when we were planning on setting up camp in Bavaria. A woman and two little girls going to Spain. They didn’t have seats for us but they had a big trunk. Riding in the trunk is lots of fun. It beats the harness hands down.

It was already 20:00 when we started so the plan was to sleep after the French border. I didn’t wait that long. After playing with the girls for two hours, I passed out on a blanket. I can tell you I was pissed when Weirdo woke me up by whistling the Marseillaise. “Aux armes Petit Bibi ! On est en France !” Moron.
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French driver!

In the end, the nice German girls that saved us from Alsace had to drop us at the last gas station before Lyon because they were going around it. Which allowed France to save face by providing us with a local driver. And an interesting insight. He started trying to dodge by asking how we would strap me in the car, and Weirdo started explaining him the harness trick when the driver cut him midsentence: “I actually have a baby seat”. Continue reading French driver!