Fell off chair

Today I fell off a chair for the first time. Turns out the floor is a lot harder when you drop on it like a sack of potatoes. I don’t remember exactly how it happened. I think I dropped my spoon and tried to grab for it and ended up taking a nosedive in the unfathomable abysses between chair and floor.

I’m all fine now. Weirdo and Cranky are still shaking. What’s wrong with those two?

John of the jungle

After travelling for almost 24 hours (it was awesome! Hitching, buses… All through the night), we found ourselves in the mountains. For the first time actually. We always stayed in the plains before, I don’t know why.

The mountain is cool. First of all, no mosquitoes! That rocks. It’s a bit cold but I can live with it. And the silence… A deafening silence. I thought it didn’t exist in this country! I suppose it’s to avoid tipping off the tigers. It’s a tiger reserve here. Continue reading John of the jungle