John of the jungle

After travelling for almost 24 hours (it was awesome! Hitching, buses… All through the night), we found ourselves in the mountains. For the first time actually. We always stayed in the plains before, I don’t know why.

The mountain is cool. First of all, no mosquitoes! That rocks. It’s a bit cold but I can live with it. And the silence… A deafening silence. I thought it didn’t exist in this country! I suppose it’s to avoid tipping off the tigers. It’s a tiger reserve here. Continue reading John of the jungle

On the road again

I’ve been screaming all day and the two dimwits seem to have finally gotten the message. On the road again! We have a ride to Kochi with our host. Then we’ll prolly find a night train to Coimbatore and then Hitchhike to Ooty, where we have a host waiting for us that lives in a tiger reserve.

Tigers beware, I’m coming!

Trip to the beach

Instead of going to the beach-place that the local tourism authority had set up especially for visitors like us, Weirdo and Cranky (and Anna and Anton) decided to go to the nearest one, that’s mainly used as fisherman’s-boat-parking. After wading through the beached boats, Weirdo and Anton stripped their clothes and jumped in the water that had the color of diarrhea. “That’s just because the sand is orange” said Weirdo. Yeah right. Guess where he is as I’m writing this. That’s right, on the toilet, like every half hour. Continue reading Trip to the beach

Muslim converts and golden rides

We took a night train yesterday. Everybody except me thought it would save a night at the hotel. I just hate to be right all the time. The berths that were reserved for us were all occupied. It took two railway employees and one hour to get the squatters out. Was a bit nasty too because the train was packed and they had to huddle, all six of them, on the only two berth they had reserved for real. There was a kid twice my age that couldn’t keep himself from wailing every half hour so I had a only a little bit of sleep. Cranky wasn’t so lucky. When she walked, hem, stormed out of the train, she headed straight to the bus station with the intention on booking a bus home or something. Weirdo said something nasty and they stopped talking to each other. At least she didn’t go book a bus ticket home.
Continue reading Muslim converts and golden rides