Muslim wedding VS Christian wedding

Alright, that ain’t really fair, but it makes for the perfect provocative title. The Christian wedding was in India and the Muslim one in Singapore. With the differences in budget and mentality that you might expect.

But, first, the similarities: It’s all about food! I haven’t been to a wedding in Europe yet, but the two kids keep saying that they have much less guests, but that they don’t just come to eat the food and go. Except for the spouses, who sit on a podium and pose for pictures. Continue reading Muslim wedding VS Christian wedding

Church party

Weirdo and Cranky did something right! As usual, they tried to save 20 rupees of bus by hitchhiking out of Kochi to destination-unknown. The third dude that picked them up invited us to his home, as it happens quite often. Normally I get to hug all the wives and grandmas and daughters in the block while the two imbeciles finish their cup of tea. This time it was latish, the sun was getting close to the horizon. The dude and his wife went and invited us in their home for the night.

Now, the cooler part is that, just down the street from said home was a big euro-style church that’s quite famous around these parts. And it was festival time for the church-people. Oh yeah ! Continue reading Church party

Meet Adi

In Kochi, we’re being hosted by some internet-friends of Weirdo that he never met before. There’s four of them. Two adults, quite decent, as far as adults can go ; there’s also one kid that is really nice to me when she’s not busy reading some Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter, but the most remarquable member of their squad is another kid that is actually younger than me. Continue reading Meet Adi

Went swimming

So we went to the beach today, and Weirdo took me swimming.


I don’t feel too confident going alone yet. The water scares me quite a bit. I wonder why… The only other time I was in the water was when I was four month. Weirdo held me underwater to see if I’d start swimming, like he saw on youtube, and I swallowed a tankershipload of it. Wait, that’s probably the exact reason why I’m scared of water! Well done Sherlock ! — No flattery, please. — No, no, I mean it, without your astounding deductive powers, we would never have found the key to that riddle.


Anyway, t’was a nice beach. Here’s another picture.


Doctor said I’m fine

I went to the kid-doctor. It was time for my monthly visit. Like I’m some kind of psychopath… I keep telling them I don’t need doctors, and I don’t need their vitamins. Do you think they listen? Of course not.

Well, doctor said I’m doing just fine, and stopped short of telling them to stop being so paranoid about me.

Here’s a video of me fixing the mess that Weirdo made while we were playing in the waiting room.

Fell off chair

Today I fell off a chair for the first time. Turns out the floor is a lot harder when you drop on it like a sack of potatoes. I don’t remember exactly how it happened. I think I dropped my spoon and tried to grab for it and ended up taking a nosedive in the unfathomable abysses between chair and floor.

I’m all fine now. Weirdo and Cranky are still shaking. What’s wrong with those two?