First night out

An unexpected ride arrived when we were planning on setting up camp in Bavaria. A woman and two little girls going to Spain. They didn’t have seats for us but they had a big trunk. Riding in the trunk is lots of fun. It beats the harness hands down.

It was already 20:00 when we started so the plan was to sleep after the French border. I didn’t wait that long. After playing with the girls for two hours, I passed out on a blanket. I can tell you I was pissed when Weirdo woke me up by whistling the Marseillaise. “Aux armes Petit Bibi ! On est en France !” Moron.
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France, seriously.

We crossed Germany like lightning so it really felt strange to have to wait 3h for a ride just after the border to France. A ride with Germans. Come on France! You can’t suck that much!

We spent the night there under the rain. Was epic. I’ll send you a picture as soon as we find Wi-Fi. Which might take a while. They didn’t have it at the gas station. France…