Back to reality

Chile was a bit hard on us, but it got nothing on Argentina.

We got used to having it easy. Reunion, India, Australia and Chile must be the most hitchhikable countries on Earth. Incidentally, that’s all the countries I’ve been hitchhiking in. We’re back in the real world. Argentina sucks.

We left Santiago after the party was over and Weirdo’s hangover too. Crossing the border involved a crossing at 3000 meters altitude. The road that goes there doesn’t have much traffic. Thank Krishna, we found a ride in Chile that ended up dropping us in Mendoza, our city of destination. So we didn’t die freezing. Cheers to that.

We arrived late in the night and went straight to the address of some Niluge’s friends. A sort of huge flatmate thing, with ten people living in it. “Hi, we’re the ones that are going to stay over!” They all looked with those round eyes that clearly mean: “Oh, we didn’t get that part”. But they still put us in a room somewhere and it was all right.

We were a bit embarrassed by the situation. Weirdo got up super-early to make a mountain of pancakes for everyone. Then we left for the day. No one touched the pancakes. Or very few. Strange people indeed.

We took a bus to the countryside. Mendoza is wine region. And Argentina is poor. So we get to do wine tasting without going broke! I mean they get to…

They think themselves so fancy.
They think themselves so fancy.

The plan of coming back hitchhiking was a disaster. Nobody stopped. Nobody slowed down. Nobody even acknowledged that there were people in need of a ride by the road side. We walked one hour, all the way to the turnpike, where someone finally was nice enough to let us ride with him to where he was going anyway. This is pretty shocking, after Chile, Australia and India.

A bit disappointed, we went to a real-deal Argie home-barbecue. Oh yeah! Dead animals!

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