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Baby bike trip recap

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I was unable to write about the bike trip on the fly because Weirdo needed every single joule of battery he could wring out of the phone for GPS. Why didn’t he bring a map and compass? I don’t know! Because he’s a little challenged, mentally speaking?

So here’s a little recap on baby bike trips.

One little known fact about piggybacking a cyclist is that it gets really really cold. Sitting on a bike that hurls down the cycle paths at 30 kph makes a chilly 15 degrees midday feel like Siberia on a cold winter night. And that’s before the rain starts pouring down. Of course Weirdo only packed the summer stuff… Well, we make do.

Petit Bibi on the loaded bike
That’s how loaded we are.

Riding the bike is also impossibly slow. If you ride for one hour at an average of 20 kph, you have only covered 20 km. Do the math if you don’t trust me. By the end of the day, you’re lucky to have covered 80km. We did that the first day and Weirdo almost rolled over and died when we arrived. We cover ten times that hitchhiking!

But, you have to hand it to the bike, it is much more enjoyable. I never get tired of the changing landscapes. I even forget that I’m strapped to a baby seat! Like in a freaking car! It’s really nice. Until it starts raining, that is.

I can’t believe no German engineer has come up with the idea of fitting a roof on a bike. Genius! It rained on us most of the time. Now, my cute little baby poncho is as cool as ponchos get, but we’re talking pissing cold rain here. We spent countless hours waiting for the weather to give us a window. Within three days of that, I got sick and we had to stop for a few days at one really providential host.

All in all, it was pretty OK, but I’m looking forward to doing it again in actual summer. And maybe supplementing Weirdo with an electric wheel. The poor thing was hardly capable of peddling for a whole day.

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I started this trip when I was 5 month old. By the time it ends, I'll have spent more than half my life on the road.

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