How to ride the bike with a baby

First of all, for the Americans, Mexicans, (Reunionese, lol) and other car-cultures, out there, riding the bike with a baby is totally a thing. In Germany and the rest of Northern Europe, nobody considers it unsafe. When people get reproduced here, they don’t stop riding the bike. They just ride it differently. Let me share with you English-speakers a piece of Northern axe-wielding viking wisdom. Continue reading How to ride the bike with a baby

Make one baby monitor with two devices in three minutes (for free)

OMG OMG OMG, I just tried it and it works! Better yet! I came up with it myself! I have to share it with the world right now!

So, this is a problem we’ve had time and time again while on the road, but as it turns out, we have it a home too: Petit Bibi is asleep, I’m home alone and I need to go to the late shop around the corner to grab a beer. Every parent gets that, right? So, here’s how to convert any computer into a baby monitor, without Skype, without having to install programs or apps, without having to create and account with a web-servicewithout having to even use a service. Continue reading Make one baby monitor with two devices in three minutes (for free)

Childbirth shopping list: 22 items you don’t need

This post is for Leah Rothman, who’s about to graduate momness and is freaking out about how much stuff she needs to buy. Don’t worry Leah, Weirdo’s got your back. Let’s have a look at your typical childbirth shopping list. Continue reading Childbirth shopping list: 22 items you don’t need

Baby bike trip recap

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I was unable to write about the bike trip on the fly because Weirdo needed every single joule of battery he could wring out of the phone for GPS. Why didn’t he bring a map and compass? I don’t know! Because he’s a little challenged, mentally speaking?

So here’s a little recap on baby bike trips. Continue reading Baby bike trip recap

Bike trip!

Yes! Just as everyone was about to get bored of the hitchhiking baby trope, we’re getting on a bike! No more relying on people’s good will; no more landscapes of gas stations and motorways. The end of the world may come for mankind, we probably won’t even notice and keep rolling rolling, baby! Down the hills, thought beautiful forests and… well,.. up the hills too I guess. Gotta keep Weirdo in good shape.

Where to? I will only reveal in the next post. Just me, my faithful butler and his even more faithful kilometer-machine that I hereby christen… er… Pinkie! You can see her on the picture above (an old one from last winter). Sexy, right?

Last leg

Hamburg-Leipzig is a four hour drive. Not the most challenging distance. But the way crisscrosses between highway: first the Hamburg-Frankfurt axis, then around Hannover, you get on the Benelux-Berlin one and branch off to an obscure side-autobahn for the last bit. We were expecting to switch cars often and it felt like a good final test of how anal the Germans are with babies in their car.
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Amsterdam is not such a big city. Getting to the launchpad was only a short bus ride. The spot was good. With good traffic and lots of space for cars to stop. The sun was shining, the birds were probably singing far away from the highway… The only way for us to not get a ride would be that the Amsterdamers have no heart.
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