Hitching in the dark

So Weirdo and Cranky went to some hippie movie theatre in Auroville tonight. The film wasn’t much fun, but I got to play with Anna. Anna is a friend of theirs with curly red hair that I like a lot and I think she likes me all right. She walks around everywhere with that shady boyfriend that hasn’t even bothered to pinch my cheeks ever. I just ignore the dude.

When it was over, the two lunatics wanted to go home and found that it was nighttime. And Auroville is quite a bit from Pondicherry. So, instead of calling a taxi like any sane person would, they decided to hitchhike the dark highway at the toll gate.

It didn’t take long before a corrugated van that screamed “pedophile” stopped. I wondered how Cranky would argue to turn them down, those two dark men with muslim-type caps on their heads that were inside. Well she didn’t! She stepped right in! And off we went to the slaughter.

Well, they turned out to be very nice muslim-pedophiles. Dropped us at the ring road and we finished by auto. But it was still dumb luck that I survived this time. I almost didn’t make it to 6 months.

Yes, I’m 6 month tomorrow. Send some love in the comments 🙂

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I started this trip when I was 5 month old. By the time it ends, I'll have spent more than half my life on the road.

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