Travelling baby hitchhiking around the world

Hi. My name is Petit Bibi, I'm 4 years old and I've been travelling the world since I was born, mainly hitchhiking.

This website is where I write about it.

Baby smiling
This is me
Petit Bibi hitchhiking
This is what I do
baby on father's shoulders
This is my butler/mount

Check out some of my favorite stuff:


Amsterdam is not such a big city. Getting to the launchpad was only a short bus ride. The spot was ...
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Hitchhiker commando

As you all certainly remember, the plan was that, instead of going home from Paris the same way we had ...
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Getting dirty in Central America.

Hitchhiking was so ridiculously hard in Southern-South-America that we ended up losing quite a bit of our edge. Salvador is ...
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Black and deadly

When we were done hunting kangaroos and baby turtles (another story, ask me about it and I might write a ...
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Baby on boat

Weirdo and Cranky have this friend called Anna. She lives in a floating house that moves with the wind. I ...
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Temple run

I was beginning to think that the whole day was going to suck when we got our Golden Ride. It ...
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I wrote a book about hitchhiking around the world

No big deal really. You can buy it here:

Go ahead. Click it.